1LM Deep Green Design Philosophy

In pursuit of Net Zero energy consumption and LEED platinum certificaton, CDP is considering several regenerative concepts for the HJK Center. We are proposing to replace the original skylights in the arena, which are currently covered, with smart photovoltaic glass and place a heating and cooling plant for the entire facility, and if possible the 1LM hotel, in the basement, replacing the 100-year old boiler and taking advantage of its underground temperate zone and cooling capacities. We are also pursuing system wide water recycling, balancing gray and potable water as appropriate. Examples of economical, sustainable designs that could be incorporated include manufactured wood products (stronger than sawn lumber), optimum framing, recycled materials, Structural Insulated Panels, and resilient design. Engineers at Holmes Culley have led the way in measuring and minimizing the environmental impact of seismic damage, and the advancement of resilient design measures. Engineers at Integral Group and Loisos + Ubbelohde are leading the cutting edge in green engineering design and installation. Combining the sciences of hazard loss estimation and life-cycle analysis, we can optimize the design and reduce the investment of natural resources over the life of the structure.